What is the #TakeMeBackToChurchChallenge?

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Hi! Kelly from Cori & Kelly here. When I was writing this song 3 years ago, my inspiration was my hometown country church of Elizabeth Baptist in Hazlehurst, Georgia. I have so many wonderful memories of attending each Sunday with my family; playing the piano, listening to the preacher while doodling on the bulletin, getting the evil eye or a pinch from my mother if I got too loud, laughing at jokes told at our homecoming festivities while filling up with that good, southern home cooking. But the one thing I remember the most, is the feeling of family that surrounded us all.


Then, I then started thinking about problems that we are all facing today. Problems and daily responsibilities that can overwhelm us or consume our lives if we aren't careful. This can cause us to become completely hopeless and at a loss on how to move forward in life. I believe this song was born to help remind the listener, that there IS hope. There IS a chance to renew your faith and start again..no matter where you are in life today. Maybe you already have a relationship with God, grew up going to church but have become so busy that you've gotten out of the routine of going. Today is the day to start fresh, no matter where you are at in life, because God wants you "Just as you are".


In 2018, I had a dream that I was looking at a TV screen and watching a video collaboration of churches from different denominations, all over the world, singing along with our song, inviting people to "come to church" or "come back to church". With everything going on in the world, church is needed more than ever.  We don't really know what that looks like right now, with some churches still closed. However, with your help, we can share with the world the importance of connected with a church online or in person. 


We invite you to take the materials given in this kit and share with your church's marketing team, praise team, choir and congregation. Post the videos on social media during the week with a message of hope. Share the music with your music team to learn for Sunday worship. However you choose to use these materials is up to you.

How can I be a part of this challenge?

It's very simple! Watch the lyric video, learn the words by downloading our lyric sheet, then using the soundtrack provided, film yourself singing "Take Me Back to Church" (see part 1 above for details). After you're done, upload your video to us using the instructions below. 

Additionally, If you would like to participate in the part 2 social media challenge, upload your finished video to social media, tag our facebook page and tag another person and/or church to challenge them.


  • You may use a professional camera or a phone to record your video, as long as it records in HD.

  • Any phone recordings must be landscape (turned sideways) not portrait (up and down).

  • We want to hear your voices! We will piece the song together, so do not worry about making any professional edits. Just blast the song, have your camera ready and record yourself singing along.

  • Wear whatever you'd like, however, no company logos or inappropriate attire will be accepted.

  • We will be accepting video submissions throughout the month of October, so get started! 


  • Upload your file as an .mp4, .mov

  • Include an email address

  • In the message, please include your church name and location along with a good contact name & number.

  • Wait until the percentage reaches 100 before leaving this page.

"Take Me Back to Church" Original Soundtrack

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Take Me Back To Church Soundtrack - Cori & Kelly
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"Take Me Back to Church" Song lyric download

​** All video challenge submissions through website and on social media become the property of Cori & Kelly. All those who submit videos and/or upload to social media grant Cori & Kelly the right to exhibit, distribute, and otherwise use the videos and names in various print & digital media.